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5 Tips for a Longer-Lasting Fridge


Without a reliable refrigerator, you're unable to keep cold and frozen items safe for consumption. A fridge can fail for many reasons, including a worn motor, broken seal on a door, or leak under the unit.

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5 Warning Signs to Watch for With Gas Appliances


Gas appliances are convenient and affordable. Many of them even work better than their electric counterparts. Nevertheless, gas appliances also add an element of danger. If your gas appliances seem to be malfunctioning, be on the lookout for these five warning signs.

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6 Dos and Don'ts for a Safe and Trouble-Free Range and Oven


Your range and oven is a kitchen appliance that gets used frequently. Therefore, it needs special attention and care. If you are not taking proper measures, you could be faced with issues that may be potentially serious or even costly. Repairing or replacing damaged gaskets, cleaning up nasty spills and checking heating elements are just a few of the things that may need attention. Follow these dos and don'ts.

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