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5 Tips for a Longer-Lasting Fridge

Fridge Doors

Without a reliable refrigerator, you're unable to keep cold and frozen items safe for consumption. A fridge can fail for many reasons, including a worn motor, broken seal on a door, or leak under the unit.

Even though the average refrigerator will only last just over a decade, you still want to get the most out of the appliance you have. Follow these tips for a longer-lasting refrigerator.

1. Don't Overload the Door

The door of your fridge is designed to hold a variety of items, but should not be so worn down that the door itself starts to shift on its hinges. If you find yourself constantly tightening the screws in the door to keep your fridge closed tight, then consider removing items from the door itself to take weight-bearing loads off its shelves. Items to remove include:

  • Beverage bottles and cans

  • Glass jars

  • Duplicate condiments

Heavier items should always be stored inside your fridge on shelves, not in the door. Your fridge door will last longer with minor rearranging.

2. Watch the Seal

Your fridge doors have seals on them that trap cool air inside the unit, allowing your refrigerator to use its motor less often to regulate set temperatures. Seals become loose when children hang on doors or when sticky debris gets stuck on the seals, making them lift from the doors.

A temporary fix for a loose or non-sticking refrigerator door seal is this: after cleaning the seal, rub a balm (such as petroleum jelly) over the seal to create a suction fit when the door is closed. Hire an appliance specialist to repair a loose or broken seal as this simple repair hack is temporary and will eventually fail to work (but will keep your food cool for now).

3. Keep the Top Shelf Bare

While it makes sense to use the top shelf for your most-used items, this shelf should have the least amount of clutter on it. Store food items that are lightweight and need more predictable temperatures (your top shelf is not as cold as your fridge's lowest shelf). The top shelf is perfect for foods such as herbs, bread items, or pastries.

Your refrigerator is better able to regulate set temperatures when all the shelves are appropriately stocked, so use the bottom shelves for the items that must be cold (like eggs, deli meats, and milk) and rotate items out of your fridge as needed to keep the unit humming strong.

4. Clean the Back

Most refrigerators have a large vent in the back that gathers a lot of hair, dust, and other debris over the years. Periodically wipe this area down with a broom or a dry cloth to remove the cobwebs and other matter.

The vent in the back of your fridge is how the motor cools itself. When the vent is clogged, your refrigerator can overheat, which can lead to wear and tear and a shorter lifespan of the unit.

5. Clean the Freezer

Rotate your freezer items regularly, especially if you tend to pile items inside the unit or the freezer is completely full. Your freezer should not cause ice crystals to form on stored items. If your freezer is causing ice crystals, then the vents inside your freezer may be blocked, causing irregularities in temperatures. A cleaned out freezer will help your unit last longer.

If your refrigerator is very old, then some of these tips can help your appliance last a bit longer. Your appliance specialist should regularly inspect all the units in your home and make service repairs as needed. Call us at Choose Your Time Appliance Repair for your refrigerator repair needs today. 


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