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5 Warning Signs to Watch for With Gas Appliances

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Gas appliances are convenient and affordable. Many of them even work better than their electric counterparts. Nevertheless, gas appliances also add an element of danger. If your gas appliances seem to be malfunctioning, be on the lookout for these five warning signs.

1. Yellow Fire on Your Gas Range

If your fire is burning yellow, then that means it is not burning as hot as it should. Gas flames should always burn blue, though you may notice some light orange or yellow crackling, as well. Yellow flames are incredibly dangerous because they mean that not all of the gas is burning off. In addition to getting a weak flame, you could be filling your kitchen with carbon monoxide. 

This danger exists even if you have your gas stove set down to low. Lower flames should just be smaller, not differently colored. 

2. Carbon Monoxide Detection

Every home should have a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector around gas appliances. The reason you need one is because while gas has an odor, carbon monoxide does not.

Carbon monoxide can fill a home without you realizing it. Eventually, you and others in your household may develop carbon monoxide poisoning, which leads to confusion, nausea, and death. This gas is especially dangerous when people are sleeping, as they may not wake up in time to avoid its effects.

The moment a carbon monoxide detector goes off, everyone in the house should leave the home. Since carbon monoxide produces confusion, waiting at length to leave the house could lead to an individual being too incapacitated to make the appropriate decisions. 

3. Malfunctioning Water Heater

When your water heater malfunctions, either the pilot light is out or it has a gas leak. Water heaters can easily become bombs if the gas is leaking into them, as the pressurized container can explode. If your pilot light isn't out but your water isn't hot, you should immediately call a professional appliance repair person.

Likewise, if your water heater is simply operating intermittently or not as hot as it should be, you should call a professional as soon as possible. Any of these things could indicate some form of gas problem or gas leak.

4. Dust and Lint Buildup Around Your Furnace

If dust and lint are building up anywhere around your furnace, your filter system could be busted or your ducts may need to be cleaned out. Either way, the dust has to be removed as soon as possible.

Dust and lint are extraordinarily flammable. This flammability is a problem since furnaces create heat, even if they're electrical. A gas furnace with a leak could essentially turn a home into kindling if it has dust and lint available to begin the fire. 

5. Moisture and Condensation

Moisture and condensation collecting outside of your gas appliances could mean that they aren't venting properly. Natural gas and carbon monoxide venting into your home is often more dangerous than fire because it is less noticeable.

To reduce moisture and condensation, you may need to check the vents that your appliance is supposed to use. These vents can get clogged over time, especially if your appliance is older. The appliance itself may also be blocked up, which an appliance repair technician can help with. 

If you suspect that gas is leaking in your home, you should leave the premises immediately. Call your gas company to have your gas shut off, and then call a professional appliance repair center. At Choose Your Time Appliance Repair, our professional team can help you ensure your appliances are working safely. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today


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