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Five Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Repair


Over time, your washing machine may not function as well as it should, or it may stop working. Usually, your machine can give you a few warning signs that something is wrong. Look for these five signs to determine if your machine needs attention.

Loud Noises

You can generally hear your washer when it is working. When you hear loud or unusual noises not due to an off-balanced load, however, you can tell something is not working as it should.

Electrical Issues

Newer washing machines incorporate electronics to run, but what if that computer panel fails to respond? A technician can diagnose and repair any technical or electric problems as well.

Clogged Hoses and Filters

What if your machine does not fill with water as it should, or fails to drain after a cycle? It could be a kink in a hose or a clogged filter, or it could be some other issue that a technician would know to look for.

Drum Problems

The drum of the washing machine agitates or churns to move the laundry through the cycles. If it is not moving, your clothes and linens may not be cleaned properly.

Other Issues

Sometimes, your washing machine stops working and you have no idea what happened. A repair person can diagnose the issue and repair it so you can get back to your laundry pile.

Fixing washing machines can prolong the life of your appliances. If you need more information about washing machine repair, please visit Choose Your Time Appliance Repair.


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